When To Dig Tulip Bulbs

When To Dig Tulip Bulbs ?

Tulips are one of the very first flowers of spring, and add dazzle to your garden along with the daffodils and crocuses.

Tulip blooms are comparatively quite short-lived, since they last not more than a week in warm weather. Knowing the right planting depths and choosing between early, mid-spring and late varieties, it is possible to enjoy these beautiful flowers for two to three months.When the blooms have withered and the foliage bears a dry and yellow look, it means that the tulip bulbs are dormant, and ready to be dug up and stored for fall planting. To get started, first dig around the bulbs with the help of a spade. Remove the bulk of the soil, but make sure that you do not dig into the bulbs.

Next, use a hand spade to remove the remaining soil that is sticking to the bulbs. Once the bulbs are free from all the soil, store them in a box and put the soil back in the bed. If you are planning to plant immediately, then you can add some fertilizer to the soil. Now separate the new small bulbs from the older and larger bulbs, and plant the bigger bulbs in new beds with some bulb fertilizer, 5 to 10 inches into the soil.

Next, plant the smaller bulbs 3 to 5 inches deep in the soil. You may even plant these new ones on top of the larger ones, for increased planting. Lift the bulbs once in every two to three years, separate the old bulbs from the new ones, and then replant all the bulbs during fall.

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When To Dig Tulip Bulbs