Growing Tips For Zinnias  

Growing zinnias is both easy and rewarding. They come in rich colors, and a large number of sizes. So you can grow zinnias as per your taste -- miniatures or giants, and in colors ranging from white to pink to orange to even multicolored.

Zinnias are annuals and warm season plants. They make gorgeous indoor arrangements, and bunching a few cut flowers together will give you a lovely centerpiece.

Here are some growing tips for zinnias.

They like the full sun and a well-drained soil. Since they are easy to grow, you can grow them in average to slightly poor soil too, though it is advisable that you add healthy amounts of compost and organic matter to the soil. This will help your zinnias grow their best and bloom well. Make sure the soil is always moist, but never wet though.

Zinnias mostly grow from seeds, and to ensure that you get healthy flowers, grow them in pots first and then transplant outside once the seedling shows signs of healthy growth. When you move the seedlings outside, make sure the roots are lightly covered with soil.

Regular zinnias will do well with a gap of 4 to 6 inches between each plant, while the giant ones must be separated by a foot’s space between each other.

Zinnias are annuals and must be protected from frost, or else you will see your plants wilting.

Zinnia plants look best during mid-summer, and if cared for properly, they should ideally last throughout the season. A plus with zinnias is that these plants are quite resistant to attacks by bugs or pests.

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Growing Tips For Zinnias




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