How To Care For Zinnia Flowers ?  

Zinnia flowers are annuals known for their impressive heights, colorful blooms and easy maintenance.

With a little time, and the right garden supplies, you too can enjoy the beauty of zinnias in your own garden, or use them to create lovely indoor arrangements and enhance your home décor.First comes the planting of zinnia seeds. If you are planting the seeds directly in your garden, then ensure that the threat of frost has passed completely, and the night temperature is more than 50 degrees.

Place the seeds 1/16 inch deep below the soil, covered with a light layer of soil. While placing the seeds in the ground, ensure that the miniature varieties have at least 4 to 6 inches space between them. The larger ones must have at least a foot or two between them. Water your zinnias every morning. Remember that the dirt must be soaked, but there should be no puddles, and the leaves should not get wet.

When the zinnias are just starting out, use an all-purpose, slow-acting granular fertilizer, measuring one teaspoon for each group of seedlings. This will feed the zinnias all through the season. Use organic mulch, like grass clippings or leaves, and pile it 2 to 3 inches high on the soil. This will help keep weeds away as well as feed the plant.

Pick off all the dead flowers that are visible as this will help promote new growth. Provide support to the giant zinnia flowers by putting a garden stake next to them in the ground.

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How To Care For Zinnia Flowers




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Planting-Zinnia-Flowers      Zinnias are neat annuals that come in large, colorful blooms. These flowers are quite easy to grow, and bloom from mid-summer till frost sets in. Zinnias are ideal for using in indoor arrangements too. These lovely flowers are available in a number of varieties. So, there is always a kind to suit every gardener’s needs and taste. More..




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