Planting Zinnia Flowers  

Zinnias are neat annuals that come in large, colorful blooms. These flowers are quite easy to grow, and bloom from mid-summer till frost sets in.

Zinnias are ideal for using in indoor arrangements too. These lovely flowers are available in a number of varieties. So, there is always a kind to suit every gardener’s needs and taste.

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting a color or colors for your very own zinnia flowers. There are single colors, multi-colors and hues, including white, yellow, orange, red, rose and pink. The variations in sizes range from the miniature kind to giant varieties, with sizes that start from just a foot in miniatures to giants that are well over three feet tall. So, go ahead, get creative and select a size and color that will add just that right look to your garden. Small zinnias also look extremely good when included in container gardens.

Though zinnias grow the best in rich, well drained soil, they are quite tolerant of average to slightly poor soils. Of course, if you improve the soil quality, then your plants will grow healthier. So, it may be a good idea to add some compost to the soil, as well as a general purpose fertilizer every month. Keep the soil moist, and water during dry periods. Adding mulch around the plants will keep weeds down and make the area look neat.

Once established, your zinnias should grow well, and around mid-summer, you will start seeing the flowers.

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Planting Zinnia Flowers




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