How To Grow An Apple Orchard ?

How To Grow An Apple Orchard ?

Growing an apple orchard can be made easy if you have the necessary knowledge about soil needs and the maintenance needs that apple trees require.

You may require a lot of patience, and a considerable amount of hard work to be able to grow the apple trees. But at the end of the hard work, when you see your apple orchard laden with apples, you will feel it was well worth the trouble.Firstly, it is important to select the right location for your apple orchard. You need to bear in mind that apple trees need very bright sunlight for proper growth. Along with the sunlight, apple trees also need sandy soil, which also has a very good drainage system. The next step would be to get some small plants from a nursery, and plant them in the soil. While planting the apple seedlings, it is important that the roots remain moist. If the roots dry up, you can soak them in the water before planting. There should be a distance of minimum 8 feet between the apple trees. Each row should around 14 feet apart.

Once your apple trees start growing, you need to keep checking them regularly, and cut off branches that have rot. As the apple trees grow taller, it is necessary to prune them from the top regularly.

One of the most important factors for a well grown apple orchard is the fertilizers. You need to use an appropriate fertilizer for your orchard so that your trees not only grow well, but also produce quality fruit.  To save your apple trees from scales, aphid pests and mites, you can apply Dormant oil.

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How To Grow An Apple Orchard