How To Grow Apricot

How To Grow Apricot ?

There are many factors to consider if you decide to grow your own apricot tree. The tree can be grown in a home garden or in a container, but it needs well draining soil, fertilizers and the right amount of pruning. Select a good site in your garden before planting the tree. The rootstocks of the plant should be well guarded. The tree blooms in early spring, but the flowers can get damaged by the morning frost. Also, keep in mind apricots grow to be tall and huge trees. The tree needs an area of 25 square feet in diameter to grow.

Apricots bloom in early spring as discussed earlier. Early spring also has some frost in the air which can damage the fruit. So choose a site that is frost protected. Before planting the tree, take the soil samples to check for the nourishment. Add a good amount of manure and fertilizers in the soil. Ideally, the soil should be prepared for one year. Do not choose low lying areas of the garden where water can collect. The soil should be able to drain well and choosing higher spots makes sense. Also, when the temperature drops, hot air will rise up and cold air will settle down causing the air to be moist and damp. These conditions are not good for the apricot tree.

If you live in the city, you will not have to protect the tree from wind. However, in rural setting, ensure that you provide adequate protection to the tree from strong winds.

The best way to acquire a plant is buying a one year old plant from a nursery. Make sure it is disease-free when you buy it. A one year old plant will be 4 to 6 feet in height. Even if the tree is smaller, the roots should be well established. The roots have to be soaked in water prior to planting. In case planting needs to be delayed, allow the roots to soak in some water, and then wrap them up in plastic and store the plant in a cool place. Plan to plant the sapling during the early part of spring. The tree’s roots are highly active at this time and they will prosper well during this time of the year.

While pruning, keep in mind that the top of the tree should be pruned to prevent the tree from growing too tall. Do not trim the shoots that grow during the summer months. Pruning usually should be done during the dormant season.

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