What Does An Avocado Tree Look Like

What Does An Avocado Tree Look Like ?

The avocado tree is erect and can grow up to sixty feet in height. Comparatively, it has a thin trunk which ranges up to 24 inches. The older the tree the thicker the trunk will be. Sometimes avocado trees are also short and they spread on the ground instead. It is an evergreen tree and rarely sheds any leaves during the year. The leaves are two shades of green and have a glossy texture. The underside of the leaves have a whitish color. The leaves also vary in shape, like some are elliptical and others are ovate.

Avocado is widely used in preparation of the popular Mexican dish called the guacamole. In fact, this dish became popular worldwide after the introduction of Mexican fast food centers. Avocado has a strange flavor and fleshy consistency. It can grind to a smooth paste and can be had even raw. It has no seeds or any hard substance within the fruit. Avocado is being used in various culinary dishes today.

The Mexican varieties of avocado have a strong scent similar to the aniseed. The fruit of the avocado tree is pear shaped and is light green in color. It is believed that avocadoes are native to Mexico, in the southern region. It was also cultivated in places like Rio Grande and Peru before it found its way into Europe. Thereafter, tree was transported to the West Indies and from there it found its way into Jamaica.

Avocados grow well in tropical and subtropical climates. It was also transported to Philippines in the end of 17th century. Almost all places in the world started growing avocadoes because it is a fleshy and filling fruit. It made its way to India only in the year 1892 and was grown in the southern parts of India.

Avocado is being commercially grown in all the warmer zones of North America and even outside. Caribbean and Polynesia are also growing them for exports. The growth of avocado trees in European countries is found in countries like France and Spain. Wherever there is a considerable amount of Spanish population, avocadoes are being grown. The US and Mexico put together maintain the highest production in the fruit.

Avocadoes are also known to have several health benefits. They are high in antioxidants and fiber. They aide the digestive system and also have several other vitamins and minerals. Avocado is cooked and also eaten raw by people. However, some people do not prefer it raw and prefer the cooked taste.

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What Does An Avocado Tree Look Like