Where Do Banana Seeds Come From ?

Where Do Banana Seeds Come From ?

We generally see most of the fruits having seeds. But, have you ever noticed seeds in a banana fruit. Must not have seen, so is it a fruit then? The answer to a question whether banana trees have seeds or not is both correct and wrong.

Most of the bananas that we eat in the U.S do not contain seeds inside the fruit. Some of the wild banana kinds that are found in Africa and Asia contain dark, hard and round shaped seeds within the banana fruit. These seeds are further used to plant new banana plants or dried and pressed to extract oil.

Bananas that are used for human consumption are purposefully cultivated in a manner that they become seedless. None of us would like to munch a seed while having a banana. The triploid varieties are cultivated for this purpose. This variety comprises three sets of genes instead of popular two sets of genes as found in all wild varieties of banana. In triploid varieties, the sexual reproduction is not possible and they need to be grown from the offshoots of a parent plant. Banana trees are highly productive. A single flower in a tree yields bunches of bananas that come in hundreds per cluster. Each cluster weighs more than 100 lbs. The average length of each banana fruit is around 8-10 inches, and each fruit possesses 100 calories of pure carbohydrates in the form of sucrose, fructose and glucose. Banana is one fruit which is quite popular for its high fiber content.

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Where Do Banana Seeds Come From