Are Blueberries Safe For Dogs

Are Blueberries Safe For Dogs ?

Blueberries are naturally growing fruits and are considered extremely safe for dogs. In fact, they make a great treat instead of buying processed teats for them. Snack food for dogs are also expensive compared to the blueberries. However, it is recommended that you contact the vet before giving it to your dog. The vet will tell how your dog will like the taste of blueberries and how much of them you should give. Many of the pet products sold in the market contain blueberries in them. If you go through the ingredients list you can easily spot it. Some of the brands which contain the blueberries are becoming very popular.

There are no studies that indicate the antioxidants in the blueberries are beneficial for dogs or humans. However, they do not cause any side effects on consumption for both dogs and humans. Blueberry is a seasonal fruit and the prices may vary depending on the season of availability. It is a good idea to feed the dogs fresh blueberries while it is in season. Do not add anything else to it, such as sugar or preservatives. A dog lives on natural food substances only and its body does not have the means to process and break down artificial chemicals used as preservatives.

Blueberries should be used as a snack after the dog eats the main food. Do not replace its meals with this snack. Also it can be used as a reward for your dog on good behavior or learning a new trick. People often confuse the blueberries with grapes and raisins. Grapes have certain acids that can cause reaction in dogs. It may cause diarrhea, vomiting and even cause an upset stomach. Dog’s body cannot break down certain acids like humans can.

However, do not let others feed your dog such snacks. You should always stay in control as a pet owner. Blueberries have not caused any adverse reactions in dogs and it is tried and tested. Not all dogs are the same, and some of them have dietary restrictions. It is worth giving a try. Blueberries have several vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the dogs; especially with some breeds that have a tendency to put on weight the qualities of blueberry can be helpful. They substitute as a healthy snack for dogs. But discuss the snack with the vet before starting it yourself. Also, some dogs do not like the sour taste of the blueberries.  

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Are Blueberries Safe For Dogs Are Blueberries Safe For Dogs?