Blueberries Health Benefits

Blueberries Health Benefits

Blueberries are Native American fruit and are the second most popularly consumed berry in the United States. The U.S. Department for Agriculture says that North Americans consume more than 200 million pounds of blueberries annually. There are several health benefits from blueberries.


Blueberry is useful in increasing memory power. Dementia is an old age condition, where the brains ability to function normally decreases. Several abilities like problem solving, memory are affected due to this condition. A research conducted by the University of Cincinnati observed that when people with such conditions take supplements that have blueberries it improved their condition.

Blueberries reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. The National Institutes of Health says that blueberry consumption enhances insulin sensitivity. For people with Type 2 diabetes, the body becomes resistant to the absorption of insulin. Due to this the pancreas has to work harder to absorb the sugar in the body. When it is unable to do that, surfeit of sugar is present in the body, resulting in Type 2 diabetes. The Journal of Nutrition published an article which said dietary supplements with blueberries increases insulin sensitivity in the body. It lowers the risks of developing the disease.

Blueberries can also decrease the chances of elevated blood pressure. The American Heart Association says that elevated blood pressure is the highest risk factor that causes a stroke and heart attack. In order to lower blood pressure, one has to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Cardiologists can also add blueberry to your everyday diet. The University of Prince Edward in Canada conducted a research on the effects of blueberries on elevated blood pressure patients. The research found that the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) that was responsible in hardening the arteries leads to elevated blood pressure. But after a regular diet on blueberries, it was observed that the functioning of ACE decreased.

The blueberries have several other nutritional benefits. The USDA Nutrient Database, says that even 1 cup serving of blueberries is packed with nutrients and is very high in fiber. There are several other vitamins in blueberries, such as K, C, A, and E. They even have some complex B vitamins. Blueberries have zero percent fat and they contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. They are also low in calories and contain just 84 calories in one cup serving. They are used to treat common cough and also diarrhea in children in various countries. They contain minerals, such as zinc, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and iron.

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Blueberries Health Benefits

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