Soil Preparation For Blueberries

Soil Preparation For Blueberries

Acidic soil presents the best conditions for growing blueberries. The soil has to be well drained and have a high organic content. For the roots to grow well, the water level should be at least one foot below the soil. If it is above that, the roots can suffocate. When you are growing a blueberry plant, regularly test the soil for pH balance.


Blueberry plants live for a long time and some live for 50 years. When you are planting, you should invest in a good site. Make sure the soil is perfectly suitable for the plant. If the soil is not proper, then prepare it well before planting. If the pH is very high, it slows down the growth of the plant. If there are any deficiencies in the soil, the leaves of the blueberry plant will turn yellow.

If you want to grow several blueberry plants, it is wiser to prepare an entire bed instead of making one hole at a time. This is especially recommended when planting more than one blueberry bush. Depending on the pH balance of the soil you can also add acid peat. Blueberry plants will prosper with acid-based manures. You have to mix about four to six inches of acid-based manure in the soil. The peat also helps to increase the organic content of the soil.

Sulfur is a very good agent to make the soil acidic. There are various sulfur compounds that work well with sandy soil. For a 10 X10 foot patch, use about 2 lbs of elemental sulfur. It helps to reduce one point in the pH level. However, remember that will take up to a year before the sulfur has an effect on the pH level of the soil. If you want faster results try using iron sulfate. However, a lot of it depends on the soil condition. Iron sulfate starts working in less than a month, but you have to determine the soil condition before using it. If you have loamy soil conditions, then use around 3 to 6lbs elemental sulfur to alter the pH.  

Experts do not recommend aluminum sulfate because it is highly toxic for the roots of the blueberry bush. The common garden soil is not suitable for the growth of the blueberry plant. If the soil has poor drainage, consider putting the plant on a raised level. Plant the blueberry bush 15 inches deep and 24 inches apart if there is more than one bush. The sulfur in the soil well settles in as you water the plant every day.

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