When To Fertilize Blueberries

When To Fertilize Blueberries ?

Growing your own blueberries is fun and also ensuring good health in a way. If you are already growing them in your garden, maintaining them by fertilizing frequently will give you a good crop. Blueberry bushes, if maintained well, can give you a crop every year for the next 15 to 20 years. The key to it is fertilizing the plants at the right time. Many people who grow blueberries wonder what the right time of fertilization can be.


However, there is no exact chart that gives you the perfect date and timing for fertilizing blueberries. The best time is in spring. Early spring may be well suited and you should do it before the new leaves come out. When the leaves are just about to sprout, the fertilizer gets time to seep into the soil and give them nutrition at the right time. Once the fertilizer enters the roots, it gives the fruits that are about to grow all the nutrients they require to grow well. Blueberry bushes should be fertilized every single year, if you want to maintain a good crop.

Blueberry bushes tend to prosper well in highly acidic soil. While choosing a fertilizer, get something that has high acidic values. You also have to use acidic fertilizers to lower the pH levels in the soil. The fertilizer should contain ingredients like ammonium nitrate, ammonia, sulfur and sulfate. They should also contain high nitrogen levels but avoid ingredients like calcium nitrate and chlorides. Nitrates can be responsible in killing the blue berry plant.

Blueberries are prone to developing deficiency of magnesium and iron. The deficiency will show when the leaves of the plant turn a reddish yellow in color. It indicates a deficiency of magnesium. If the leaves are yellow, the bush is suffering from a deficiency of iron. If you notice such symptoms on your plant, treat it appropriately with the fertilizer that contains iron and magnesium.

You can also choose natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones. Fish meal and blood also provide such nutrients to the plants. Ground coffee is very effective in increasing the potassium and phosphorous in the soil and make it acidic. However, the golden rule is to test the pH levels in the soil before applying any new fertilizer. This way you can be a good judge of how much fertilizer the soil needs instead of directly overdoing it. Adjust the amount of fertilizations according to the needs of the plant.

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