How To Germinate A Coconut ?

How To Germinate A Coconut ?

Coconut is popular all over the world for its culinary and non-culinary benefits. One of the most significant facets of this plant is that each part is useful in some way or the other.

Under natural circumstances, coconuts fall from the tree and germination occurs if favorable conditions exist.However, to consciously germinate a coconut, certain aspects need to be taken care of especially if one plans to grow a house plant.A coconut tree germinates from a coconut itself. For germination, a fallen coconut with audible water content is most apt. The husk of this chosen nut should not be removed. The coconut needs to be soaked in a bucket of water for two or three days before it is planted. The requisites for growing a coconut plant indoors are a container with minimal 10 inches depth and sufficient width to allow spacious growth; and well drained soil.

The entire nut is not to be planted. The pointed end of the coconut should face downwards and one third of the nut should be exposed. The nut requires water at least two to three times in a week. One must keep in mind that the soil condition should be moist but not wet. The most appropriate temperature condition for germination is above 80 degree Fahrenheit. The plant can sustain growth in the same pot or container for about five years, after which repotting would be necessary. If the coconut is being sown outdoors, then one must look for a well drained area with slight shade. Addition of fertilizers is a must after the first year of growth as the nutrients are taken up by the plant and require to be replenished.

A coconut can take anywhere between three to six months for germination. The first young root emerges through the husk; while the new shoot peeps out through the cavity. Initially, the leaves are without leaflets, which only end up growing on further maturity of the plant.

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How To Germinate A Coconut