How To Open A Coconut ?

How To Open A Coconut ?

To someone who has never attempted the task of opening a coconut, this discussion may seem trivial. However, only when one takes on the chore, do you realize that it is not all that simple to crack this nut! People employ numerous ways to open a coconut.

The first method is the one that makes use of its equator seam. To begin with, one has to ensure that the husk is removed completely. The coconut should be held for opening either over the sink or a bowl, if one desires to keep the coconut water. If one notices properly, there is a seam running in an equatorial pattern around the coconut. With the help of any blunt equipment such as heavy knife, meat cleaver or machete; the nut should be tapped around the circumference and rotated subsequently until it breaks open. The beauty of this method is that when accomplished well, the coconut breaks open into two equal halves, and one can enjoy the nutritious and refreshing water as well. However, if one does not have a knife or any similar equipment, this method can still used by tapping the nut against any hard edge such as a rock, wall or slab.

Another widely used method for opening a coconut requires hitting the nut on a hard surface with certain flair. When closely monitored, the surface of the coconut reveals three holes, out of which two appear to be ‘eyes’. One needs to hold the coconut in the palm at a position that the tips of the index and middle fingers are placed just above these ‘eyes’. Gripping the nut strongly, one needs to hit the lower or ‘chin’ portion of the coconut on the ground. The nut breaks open into two halves with the water splashing all over. If one wishes to drain out the coconut water before breaking, then holes should be made into the ‘eyes’ of the coconut with the help of screwdriver or a nail and hammer. Thereafter, the water can be drained out into a utensil. Puncturing the eyes first to drain the water makes the entire opening process easier as air enters in through the eyes.

Yet another simple way to open a coconut is to place the coconut in a plastic bag and hit it hard on a concrete surface. The water is obviously lost in this method.

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How To Open A Coconut