How To Choose A Good Durian ?

How To Choose A Good Durian ?

Fruits are the best deserts to have in the world and they are healthy to eat. However, sometimes when you buy fruits, they do not give the desired taste, and spoil your mood.

The art of enjoying a fruit lies in the secret of selecting it.Usually most of us are blind shoppers who just go to the fruit shelf and pick up the first few fruits we lay our hand on. However, in the same bunch in the store, some fruits taste exceptionally good and some are average. If you spend a few minutes and effort in picking the right fruit, then you will never be disappointed.

Durian is the king of fruits and several people simply love it. However, you should know how to choose the best durian to enjoy its taste. Come durian season, all the shops are lined with this exotic fruit. Here are some tips on how you should choose a durian.

Never choose an over ripe durian fruit as you will only get the rich sulfuric taste and end up burping a lot. By default, the best durians are cultivated in Thailand and Indonesia. Always look for labels that advertise these countries. Once the durian has been plucked off the tree, it stops developing that unique taste. However, always get the ones whose stock is bright and appealing to the eyes. Some durians have holes in them which could have been made by a squirrel or the vendor. Avoid these fruits completely. Some vendors even cut the fruit and show it to you. You can buy this fruit if it was cut in front of you.

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How To Choose A Good Durian