What Is Durian ?

What Is Durian ?

Durian is a Southeast Asian exotic fruit. It is mainly grown and exported from countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also widely consumed in these countries as well as the United States.

Durian is a common sight in many of these places when it is in season.Durian is a bulky fruit and is categorized under the bad smelling fruits found in Europe. However, people love it and actually call it the King of Fruits in Southeast Asian countries. In these countries, people even use durian in culinary preparations and also in desserts. In the United States, durian is eaten as a fruits and sometimes people make cakes or desserts out of it.

Several people underestimate the value of a durian. First of all, it is a big and wholesome fruit. It is very high in nutritional values and vitamins. It has phosphor, calcium, Vitamin A, antioxidants, Vitamin C and many other important nutrients. Also, one durian can be nearly three hundred and fifty calories to eat.

Eating a durian for the first time is difficult. However, after that, people may learn how to love it. One has to put up with the sulfuric smell the fruit exudes while it is being cut. However, eating a lot of it can become acidic. Different people across the world have different opinions about the fruit. Some say it has exceptionally good tastes and some say it is just good. Overall, from a health point of view, durian is a wholesome and good fruit one should eat.

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What Is Durian