Are Fruit Smoothies Fattening ?

Are Fruit Smoothies Fattening ?

Fruits are very good for health, and there is no doubt about it. In fact, health nutritionists recommend that a person should have two servings of fruit every single day.

Fruits have several health benefits like vitamins, minerals, proteins in a natural form. Having them everyday is a great way to build health. However, if a person has too much fruit also it can have reverse effects. Fruits are usually sweet, and they have some amount of natural sugars in them. Excessive sugar is not good for health, even in a natural form.Smoothies are good for health because they are made out of fresh fruit and also you add other good ingredients like milk in it. However, they can become fattening if you add extra sugar in it or any other fattening items like butter for example. Several people have smoothies as a meal substitute. A smoothie is loaded with calories and even one glass of it can substitute for a meal.

Smoothies make an ideal breakfast because the activity levels for anyone are high during that time. Since you are having fats in a healthy form, they tend to get used up by the body more progressively and positively. Plan your diet with smoothies carefully. Also, a lot depends on the type of fruit you are using to make it. Fruits like papaya, oranges, apples, watermelon, peaches, and grapes are usually not fattening. However, fruits like mangoes, musk melons, banana, and some of the exotic varieties of fruits are high on sugars.

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Are Fruit Smoothies Fattening