How To Make A Healthy Fruit Salad ?

How To Make A Healthy Fruit Salad ?

Eating fruits as an everyday part of the diet is good for health, and has several benefits for the body. Fruits are usually loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Fruits are of different types and tastes, and one can make a good mix of them to make a tasty salad. However, you should know which fruits to mix and how to present the salad. Nonetheless, fruit salads are very easy to make.Choose some fruits for the salad. When you are making a choice, try to coordinate the fruits based on their color, taste and size. For example, apples, grapes and oranges make a nice colorful bunch. You can chop apples, and peel and cut the oranges, and mix the two together. Then, you can put in some grapes without cutting them. The white, green and orange colors look very appetizing. Also, grapes have a slightly sour taste, apples have a sweet taste and oranges are tangy. Everything put together you have a tangy and sweet dish to eat.

There are several more ideas to make fruit salads like mixing watermelon, black grapes and pears. You can use several other fruits just as toppings for salads like black berries, blue berries, and strawberries. These berries are rich in color and taste, and they are also decorative to look at. You can also use other additions like a little bit of whipped cream or a tiny scoop of ice cream to give more taste to the fruit salad. However, as your aim is to make a healthy fruit salad, avoid adding sugar or too much whipped cream. Nonetheless, fruit salad with ice cream or whipped cream is usually ideal for children who would otherwise do not eat fruits.

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How To Make A Healthy Fruit Salad