Is A Pumpkin A Fruit Or Vegetable ?

Is A Pumpkin A Fruit Or Vegetable ?

A pumpkin is considered as both fruit and vegetable by several people. It actually has the properties of both fruit and vegetable.

Anything that grows on trees and has seeds in them is called a fruit. Pumpkins come from the squash family of fruits.Some people use pumpkin for cooking also and that is why the confusion arises if it is a fruit or vegetable. It also resembles some of the gourds. Pumpkins come in bright yellow or orange colors, and are usually huge in size. They vary from the smallest to the largest size. If you want to grow pumpkins, you have to ensure that it is done on a large patch of land. There should be space of at least 5 to 10 meters between two plants. Also, pumpkin plants grow like vines and the fruit grows resting on the ground.

Pumpkin fruit harvesting is usually done in the months of September and October during which time the popular Halloween festival is also celebrated. Pumpkin fruit first comes out of a flower. The plants flower, and then become the fruit. This is a typical quality of the vegetables. Fruits usually grow directly from the stem. Pumpkin, however, has mixed qualities of fruits and vegetables.

Pumpkin can only be had when it is completely ripe. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, and also has some curative properties. Herbal medicine, in fact, recommends pumpkin to people who have thyroid and gland secretion problems. The pumpkin has both alpha and beta carotene in it.

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Is A Pumpkin A Fruit Or Vegetable