Is Cucumber A Fruit A Vegetable ?

Is Cucumber A Fruit A Vegetable ?

Cucumber is a watery fruit. Nearly 70 percent of the vegetable is made up of water. It is also used widely in salads. Cucumber grows on vines, and looks like a gourd.

It is long, and can weight up to one pound each. In terms of botany, cumcumber is a fruit. However, in culinary terms, it is a vegetable.Most people eat cucumbers raw. The skin is peeled out and then the cucumber is sliced up or grated in order to be eaten. Also, there is a certain way to prepare a cucumber for eating. You need to cut of the tip of the vegetable and rub it in a circular motion. This takes out the bitterness from the fruit.

Cucumber has a crispy texture and watery taste. It has no unique taste of its own. But when you add a dash of lime juice to it, it becomes tastier. Cucumber is also grated and used in cooking. The peels of cucumber are not usually eaten in spite of its high fiber value.

The fruit has antioxidant properties, and is considered very good for the skin. Some people use cucumber for therapeutic purposes also. If your eyes feel tired, you can slice up cucumbers and put them on the eyes. This cools down the eyes, and gives them a refreshed look. The vegetable is always cool from the inside because of its high water content.

In the US, it is common to find cucumbers in the form of pickles and also in salads. Pickling cucumbers preserves them for a longer period of time. The vegetable can stay fresh in the refrigerator for about three weeks.

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Is Cucumber A Fruit A Vegetable