Is Watermelon A Fruit ? Or Vegetable ?

Is Watermelon A Fruit ? Or Vegetable ?

A watermelon is a fruit, and it originated in South Africa. The origins of the fruit can be traced to the squash and cucumber family. It originated in Africa, and people here consider it as a vegetable because of its origin.

The family it belongs to is full of vegetables.A similar confusion is with the pumpkin, which gets categorized as vegetable and fruit. However, when you are looking for watermelons in the stores, you will need to look in the fruit section. It is widely available in summers. However, because of the demand, the stores get it throughout the year by importing the fruit from various parts of the world.

Watermelon needs hot weather to grow. Similar to the other vegetables of its family, the fruit grows on a creeper. It is so heavy that it takes the support of the ground to grow in size. However, it is connected to the creeper with the help of a strong and sturdy stem. It is not that easy to pluck a watermelon because you need a knife to cut the stem.

It shares several qualities with squashes and cucumber. For instance, the watermelon is watery, and also is a rich source of Vitamin C. It is fat free, cholesterol free and also rich in Vitamin A. It is ideal for consumption as it does not make the person gain weight. People, who are on a weight loss diet, can ideally have this fruit as it fills the stomach and gives the right nutrients to the body.

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Is Watermelon A Fruit Or Vegetable