How To Grow Kiwi

How To Grow Kiwi ?

Kiwi fruit belong to the family of actinidia and is widely available in grocery stores across the United States. The fruit is grown in North America in places like California and Florida. It is a highly acidic fruit and needs warm temperatures to grow and ripen. It needs well drained soils that have low pH content. To grow a kiwi fruit, you must be careful while choosing a site of planting it and also the manures. Here are some tips you can use to grow kiwi fruit.


Choose a sloped north facing area and which is shielded from winter frost. Mild winters and early summer warmth is required for the kiwi fruit tree to grow well.

Kiwi trees are very fussy and they need the perfect sunlight and soil when they are growing. Some growers keep the plant in a container for the first one or two years for this reason. However, the trees can grow very fast if they have been regularly fertilized and watered thoroughly. Protect the plant in the first few winter months by putting it in a basement or in a heated garage.

The kiwi plant grows in vines. If the soil is not well drained, consider putting the plant on an elevated mound of soil. Cold weather can be miserable for the plant, especially when the sunlight is intense. Try to provide shade to the vine by using corn stalks or burlap in its initial years. Wait until the frost has entered into the ground and then protect the plant. Eventually the plant will get acclimatized to the cold weather in a few months. If the winters are severe in the area you live, then you need to protect even the well established plants. The kiwi fruit vines have to be exposed to complete summer sunlight.

If you are planting more than one vine, then leave 200 feet space between two saplings. Kiwi fruit vines are pollinated by wind and honeybees. There are many other insects also responsible for pollination. A male fruit plant is required to fertilize the female plant. It is best to get a well established plant from a nursery. The vines can grow rampantly and if they are not trained or pruned, they can take a huge space of your garden. Training and pruning should be done during the fall, when the tree enters the non-growing dormant phase. If you want to reduce the size, then prune it in its early years.

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