How Do You Slice A Mango ?

How Do You Slice A Mango ?

Mango is a sweet fruit that is high in vitamin A and phosphate. It has several other nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health.

It is also high in calorie value, sugars and proteins. Mango is considered as a delicacy and the king of fruits in countries like India and Bangladesh. It is a tropical fruit that mainly grows in summer months in these countries. Today, Mexico is the largest exporter of mangoes worldwide.Mango comes in several types and qualities. Some mangoes are pulpy and ideal for smoothies and shakes, while others are good for eating when ripe. Several people even eat the raw mango and make pickles out of it.

A mango has a unique shape which is pleasing to the eye. It has a pointed nose at one end, and it is full on the top. In order to cut the fruit, you should make the mango stand on its nose and hold it firmly. You can take a knife and slice one side of it first and then turn it around and slice the other side. The middle part of the mango has the seed. When you are cutting the mango, you may feel the seed with the knife. The seed cannot be cut with a knife. So, you need to cut the flesh out of it. The remaining part is the seed that is surrounded by the flesh of the mango. Once the seed is exposed you can take out the remaining part of the flesh by cutting smaller slices.

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How Do You Slice A Mango