How To Clean A Mango ?

How To Clean A Mango ?

Mango is a delicacy, and it is enriched with several vitamins. It is also a seasonal fruit, and needs a tropical weather to grow.

It is a very popular fruit in the Southeast Asian countries, and is also the national fruit of countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Mexico grows a large quantity of mangoes, and it is also the world’s biggest exporter of the fruit. Mango is easily available in the United States.Eating a mango can be quite filling, and it works very well with your meal cutting plans. However, before eating a mango you need to clean it and cut it thoroughly.

Wash the mangoes well but do not peel it. Peeling a mango can be quite complicated because it is slippery and the inner pulp is strongly attached to the skin. The skin of the fruit is also very thin, and when you peel it, a large portion of the pulp comes of the skin. The best way to have a mango is by cutting it and sucking the pulp out of the skin. The mango has a flat seed in the middle, and the shape of the mango is somewhat oval. So, you need to cut along the oval axis of the fruit.

You can either scoop the pulp out the mango, or you can choose to cut the slice further. To present it well, you can make horizontal and vertical line on the pulp so that each piece forms a square. Then you can easily take a fork and eat the mango by scooping out each square.

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How To Clean A Mango