How To Sprout A Mango Seed ?  

Mango trees are pretty friendly to grow, and one does not need to put in a lot of effort to grow them. However, they need the perfect environment in terms of weather and climate to grow and bear fruits.

They are tropical fruit trees, and grow best in tropical weather conditions. However, the outdoors should be sunny and hot when you are trying to grow the plant.If you want to germinate the seed, choose the ripest fruit and take the seed out. Dry out the seed in the sun for a couple of days and then split it open. When the seed has completely dried and when you shake it you can hear the smaller seeds rattling inside the seed case. This is the best time to split it open. You will find four or five bean shaped seeds inside the main seed.

Take these small seeds and plant them two inches deep in a pot with well prepared soil. The soil should be loosely packed inside the pot. You should plant one seed per pot. It is better you try to grow a mango tree in a pot first because it is easy to keep control. Also, place the pots in the sunniest part in your garden. Sometimes, the seed sprouts even when you wash it well and put it on a plate. However, putting it in the soil will give rise to a healthy tree eventually.

Within a span of two weeks you should see a thin plant like stem coming out of the seed. Keep it this way and do not over water it. Give it some more time to become a small plant and then you can transplant it to the permanent spot in your garden.

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How To Sprout A Mango Seed




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How To Sprout A Mango Seed ? )
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