Mango Growing Facts

Mango Growing Facts

The mango tree belongs to the same family as cashew and pistachios. The mango tree is a native of Southeast Asia. There are two varieties of it. One variety is from India, and the other from the Philippines.

The other varieties that you get are basically off shoots of these two varieties.Here are some mango growing facts that you may not have known previously.

Mango trees are very good from a landscaping point of view. They make ideal trees. They provide shade, and also add beauty to the surrounding gardens. They grow erect and reach out to the sun. The trees can become 20 feet tall, and will keep reaching out to the sun.

Mangoes need hot climate to grow, and they are purely topical trees. It is impossible to grow some varieties of Indian mangoes elsewhere in the world.

Some of the mango tree specimens that grow in natural environment live more than 300 years. In India, there are tree specimens that have lived for nearly five hundred years. Mango trees can bear fruit as long as they live.

The roots of a mango tree can go deeper than 20 feet. The leaves of the mango tree are dark green and even the fruits resemble this unique color in the beginning. Later, as the fruits ripen, they become a rich yellow in color. A full grown tree with several ripe fruits is a wonderful and attractive sight to see. One full grown mango tree can bear as many as 300 fruits in one season.

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Mango Growing Facts