What Does A Mango Tree Look Like ?

What Does A Mango Tree Look Like ?

All mango trees look the same, and only the fruits may differ in appearance depending on the variety. The mango tree in natural environment can grow to be very tall.

A full grown mango tree has a thick bark, and has several huge branches coming out of the tree. As the tree grows, it somewhat attempts to achieve a symmetrical shape that is beautiful to look at.The leaves are bushy and thick. The tree can really spread out in diameter if the space around it allows it to. The fruits then come out in bunch amidst the trees. Just before spring, the new leaves sport somewhat reddish green color. This is the best time to see a mango tree because it is in its most beautiful form. The color combination is amazing with light green leaves, reddish green leaves and also dark green leaves.

Early summer, during the months of March, the mango tree starts flowering. This is when you will notice the tree full of white flowers and dark green leaves. Soon these flowers turn into fruits, and in peak summer the mango tree looks somewhat complete with shades of green and fruits hanging at intervals along the barks.

The mango tree is so thick at the top that it does not allow light underneath it.  It has a thick bushy top growth. The area underneath the growth is shady and cool. Mangoes take at least 2 weeks on the tree to ripen and become yellow in color. Once fully ripe, they tend to fall off the tree on their own.

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What Does A Mango Tree Look Like