When Is A Mango Ripe ?

When Is A Mango Ripe ?

A mango is sweetest fruit you can find in Southeast Asia. It is grown widely in India, and the ideal time to harvest this fruit is in the summer months of April and May.

You will find the Indian markets adorning this fruit everywhere. However, one should know how to pick a mango fruit that is ideal for eating.When the mango turns yellow, it could mean that it is ripe or just beginning to ripe. However, one of the best and ancient parameter used to check if the mango is ripe enough to eat is by smelling it. When a mango is ripe, it will completely lose its sour taste and will give out only sweet tastes. The fruit will also smell sweet. In case it is not ripe, then you will get a sour and alcoholic smell from it.

Another way to judge if the mango is ripe enough, is by feeling its body. A mango usually has a firm pulp. But in a semi ripe mango, the fruit will be very hard almost like stone. If the fruit is ripe enough, it will be slightly soft and yet firm. If you press the surface of the fruit with your finger, it will form an impression.

Mango is a complicated fruit, and one cannot tell exactly if it is in the ripest form until they eat it. It is a trial and error method. Sometimes, you get to eat the sweetest fruit in its true form, and sometimes you may get only half ripe fruit and will have to put up with the sour taste a bit.

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When Is A Mango Ripe