Mangosteen Side Effects  

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit mostly growing in the tropical parts of Asia. It is a native of this place, and is exported to all parts of the world in the form of dietary supplements, juices, and syrups.

Mangosteen is widely used in the Southeast Asian countries because of its rich vitamin and mineral source, curative properties and also healing properties. There are several benefits of this fruit and if had on a daily basis it can be an effective vitamin supplement.The benefits of mangosteen can be seen in several areas such as arthritis, cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal tract problems, infections, viral fevers, and weight loss. It is also effective for curing problems like sinus or any infection borne condition.

Mangosteen may cause side effects in people who are hypersensitive to fruits. Several people have allergies to fruits, and such people should a bit careful with this highly valued fruit. There can be some allergic reactions like headaches, skin rashes, and joint pains. However, the side effects are not of serious nature, and they do not cause any respiratory problems. The density of rashes also depends on the reaction caused. A small quantity of mangosteen should only cause some itchy rashes at the most.

Some people complain of suffering from acidity when using mangosteen products. Some also notice loose stools or constipation, and also suffer from symptoms that resemble irritable bowel syndrome. If these symptoms persist, it is best to reduce the quantity taken or stop taking it completely for a while. However, there is no life threatening side effects caused due to the use of mangosteen.

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Mangosteen Side Effects




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What-Are-The-Side-Effects-Of-Mangosteen-Juice      Some people are allergic to fruits and nuts. Such people should be careful when they are having products like mangosteen. However, the side effects caused by mangosteen are not known to be life threatening in any way, unlike nuts. Nonetheless, they can be quite uncomfortable. The symptoms vary in different people and the number of symptoms also can vary. More..




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