What Are The Side Effects Of Mangosteen Juice ?  

Some people are allergic to fruits and nuts. Such people should be careful when they are having products like mangosteen.

However, the side effects caused by mangosteen are not known to be life threatening in any way, unlike nuts. Nonetheless, they can be quite uncomfortable. The symptoms vary in different people and the number of symptoms also can vary.Some of the most common side effects of having mangosteen juice are itchy skin rashes, minor joint pains and also general allergy symptoms. Some people complain of having loose stools and symptoms that are similar to those of irritable bowel syndrome. Constipation is another extreme that is also possible on consumption of the juice. Only if you consume more than one ounce of the juice, the symptoms tend to worsen.

Mangosteen has some natural properties that can increase the mass of red cells in the body. People having this specific condition called Rubra Vera should not have mangosteen typically as their condition may only worsen.

Also, mangosteen when consumed with other food products tends to have undesirable side effects. For example, it cannot be mixed with grape juice as it has adverse effects such as dropping the blood sugar levels in the body. Grape juice shares some properties with mangosteen, and it also has lipid lowering effect on the body. So, a concoction of mangosteen and grape can immediately drop the blood sugar levels.

Mangosteen cannot be used with certain drugs like chemotherapy drugs, and coumadin, for example. They may interfere severely with each other and cause other reactions in the body.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Mangosteen Juice




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