How To Cut A Papaya ?

How To Cut A Papaya ?

Papaya is a rich and tasty fruit. It originates from South America, and it is a typical tropical fruit. It is yellowish orange in color, and even the insides of the fruit are similar color.

People, who eat papaya, enjoy its taste and also get several health benefits from it.A papaya is a long pear shaped fruit. It is also a big fruit. One fruit of papaya can make at least 12 servings of the fruit. Always choose a nice ripe papaya to eat. Otherwise, it could difficult for you to cut it. Also, if you have bought a slightly green papaya, you can leave it to ripen. The Papaya can stay out for a long time without getting spoilt.

You have to cut the papaya vertically along the length of the fruit. You need to choose its spine which will clearly protrude, and cut it along this spine. Make it into two exact halves and the papaya will split open. The middle of the fruit is filled with black colored seeds. These are the seeds where the papaya tree comes from. Scoop out the seeds and discard them if you do not intend using them to grow your own papaya tree.

When you have two equal halves, you can further cut them into thinner strips and have them, or use a spoon and scoop the flesh out. The skin of the papaya is not edible. So, you may wish to peel it off at this point. Another way to do it is to first peel of the skin before cutting the fruit and then cut it open. The flesh of the papaya is quite firm and only the inner most layer is actually soft and creamy.

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How To Cut A Papaya