How To Eat A Papaya ?

How To Eat A Papaya ?

Papaya is a very delicious fruit which is available throughout the year. It grows in subtropical and tropical climates. It comes from various countries in Southeast Asia and South America as well.

Today, it is grown at large in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. People who eat papaya enjoy the taste and relish it. It has several benefits other than being a fresh fruit. Several nutritionists recommend having one serving of a papaya between meals.If you have bought a papaya you can store it and have it throughout the week. The fruit has a long shelf life and does not get spoilt very easily. However, you should know how to eat the fruit in order to really enjoy its taste and flavor.

The skin of papaya is not edible. So, you need to peel off the skin before you cut it open. When you cut it, you need to run the knife along the length of the fruit. The papaya is a pear shaped fruit, but much bigger in size. So, when you cut it lengthwise, you will have two symmetrical halves. The middle of the fruit is hollow and contains the seeds. There will be several of them. The seeds have to be scooped out. You can then cut the papaya into long thin slices or small cubes and have them.

Either way, it tastes very buttery, smooth and sweet. Papaya has a unique taste that cannot be compared to any other fruit. Having papaya at breakfast time is the best time to have it and enjoy its health benefits.  

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How To Eat A Papaya