How To Peel A Papaya ?

How To Peel A Papaya ?

Papaya is a very tasty and delicious fruit to have. It can be enjoyed as a part of fruit salads or also just by itself. Papaya goes well as a combination fruit with several other fruits like grapes, apples, mangoes, and watermelon.

It also makes an ideal addition in fruit cocktails. Also, since the papaya is big in size, one can make interesting shapes out of it and indulge in some fruit carving.Whether you are eating the fruit or carving it, you should know how to peel it. Peeling the papaya is fairly easy with a good peeler. The skin is not that hard, and it comes off rather easily. Also, the flesh of the fruit is sturdy and firm. So, it does not make a mess when you peel the fruit.

There are two methods for peeling the fruit. You can adapt to whatever you are comfortable with. One is to peel in a circular fashion and make twirls out of the peel. This could take a longer time, but you can use the peel to decorate something. The other is to peel the fruit in a straight fashion. Just run the peeler from the top of the fruit to the bottom. This is perhaps the simplest way to peel a papaya.

Once you peel the papaya, you can slice it along the vertical line, and you will get two halves of the fruit. Whether you are peeling or cutting always do lengthwise. Papaya is a longish fruit if you notice and even though it is pear shaped, the inside of the fruit is hollow.

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How To Peel A Papaya