How To Ripen A Papaya ?

How To Ripen A Papaya ?

A papaya can be basically plucked off the tree when it is big enough even though it is not yet ripe. That is because papaya, as a fruit, can ripen on its own even if left outside.

Some people say the best way to ripen a papaya until it turns bright yellow is to keep it in a paper bag and put it into the refrigerator.There are some ancient methods, which are tried and tested methods to ripen a papaya. If you leave the papaya at room temperature, then they will ripen. Another way to ripen a papaya is by putting it on top of uncooked rice grains or even a bag of onions. The chemical reactions that take place allow the papaya to ripen fast. However, a lot depends on how fast the papaya has to be ripened. If you want the papaya within a time span of two or three days, then you should leave it in a paper bag outside at room temperature. After three days you will see that the whole fruit has turned into a bright yellow color. This is a clear indication that the fruit has ripened. If you leave it out, the fruit will ripen further.

In case, you want the papaya to ripen slowly, then put it in a paper bag and put the bag in the refrigerator. This will slow down the process of ripening further. It will take approximately one week for the whole fruit to be ripened and reach perfection.

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How To Ripen A Papaya