How To Freeze Peaches

How To Freeze Peaches ?

Peach is a summer fruit, but you can enjoy the goodness and taste of peaches even in winter if you know how to freeze them. Just imagine relishing the succulent and sweet taste of peaches during Christmas, or making a peach melba or peach ice cream in fall when peaches are no longer available. Actually, freezing peaches is not that difficult, as long as you know the entire process. Here are some tips on how to freeze peaches that you will find extremely helpful.


How to Freeze Peaches
Take a large pot, fill it with water and place it one the stove to boil. With the help of a paring knife, make a tiny incision at the base of each peach. Place the peaches into the water, which should be boiling on a roll. Allow them to stay for thirty seconds before removing. This process is known as blanching, and helps in easy removal of the skin of the fruit. Remember not to overload the pot.

After removing the skin, cut the peaches into halves. You will not be able to cut it completely because of the stone. In which case, after cutting, twist the two halves in opposite direction. Remove and discard the stones. Cut the peaches into slices and place in a wide-mouthed bowl.

After the bowl is full, squeeze the juice of one lemon onto the pieces. Add some sugar to taste and then toss the pieces, so that the sugar and lemon juice cover all the pieces of peach. Generally, you would require one cup sugar for around 4 cups of sliced peaches. Sugar functions as a preservative and also helps in maintaining the color of the peach slices.

Place the pieces into freezer bags and put a label on each bag mentioning the date of freezing. This will let you know which bag to use first. Seal the bag, but remove all air bubbles before sealing. Place the bags into the freezer and you are done.

A few tips for storing the bag in the freezer. Try placing them one on top of the other, so that you do not use too much space in your freezer. Also, place the peaches along with other vegetables and fruits and not with meats.

Furthermore, use just fresh peaches for freezing and the ones that are ripe. The last thing you need is a bad peach in the lot. So, discard any peaches that appear bruised or too soft. You can use them for something else instead of freezing them.

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