How To Preserve Peaches

How To Preserve Peaches ?

Peaches are succulent and delicious fruits, but most people can have them just during hot summer months. However, you can even enjoy the goodness of peaches in winter, as long as you can preserve them. During the latter half of summer buy fresh and ripe peaches to preserve. You can preserve peaches either by canning or freezing them.


Freezing peaches is extremely easy. First blanch the peaches by putting the fruits into boiling water for about thirty seconds to a minute. Then remove them and immediately plunge in cold water. This will allow you to skin the peaches easily. Slice the fruits and place them into freezer bags and into the freezer. Make sure that you remove the air bubbles before closing the bags. You can use the same method to freeze whole peaches. Some people like adding lemon juice and sugar as preservatives. You can even use these to ensure that the fruits maintain their color during the freezing process.

In order to can the peaches, you would once again need to blanch them to get rid of the skin. Use the aforementioned method of skinning the fruits. Slice the fruits and put into a large saucepan. Add water, so that half of the slices get covered. Then add about 1.5 cups of sugar. The rule of the thumb is 1.5 cups of sugar for each gallon of peach slices. Stir the pan constantly until the sugar dissolves, while making sure that the slices do not break. Once the sugar dissolves, reduce the flame to low and let the slices simmer for about twenty-five minutes. Thereafter, bring to a rolling boil and remove from the heat.

Sterilize glass jars and their lids by boiling them in water for about 5 minutes. Use a sterilized and clean spoon to transfer the cooked peach slices into the jars. Add some sugar syrup too into each jar. Fill the jars completely and close the lids. Allow the jars to cool before storing them in a cool and dark place. You can sterilize the jar once more in a pot full of water if you want to ensure that the peaches inside do not get spoilt during the storage period.

Now you can enjoy the taste of peaches even when they are not available. Make sure that you use ripe peaches for preserving. Discard peaches that are bruised or overly ripe. You can use these peaches in your compost heap.

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