How Many Calories In Pineapple ?

How Many Calories In Pineapple ?

Pineapple is a very tasty and delicious fruit. It has a sweet and a slightly acidic taste. Eating a pineapple is very easy, but preparing it for eating is the most difficult thing to do. A pineapple is high in sugar content.

So, the calorie count may be high. One single fruit can contain more than three hundred calories.However, it is very easy for a person to eat one single fruit because most of the fruit is cut out as there are thorns present even in the flesh of the fruit. A lot of fruit pulp is lost while cleaning the fruit. However, the brown thorns that you see while cleaning the fruit are the roots of the plant. If you want to grow a pineapple plant, then you need to plant the head of the pineapple fruit again. It is as simple as that.

A single serving of pineapple may not contain more than 50 calories. Pineapple is high in Vitamin A and also Vitamin C. Pineapple has high content of phosphates as well. Phosphates help in bone growth so they are beneficial for everyone. Also, the high Vitamin A content helps in improving eyesight and also curing myopia and long sightedness. It increases clarity of vision in the eyes. Vitamins also help in bone productivity. Vitamin A is not something that everyone consumes on a daily basis even though it is essential for the body. So, having fruits that give Vitamin A even thrice a week is very essential for the body.

Here are the nutrients present in one serving of pineapple:

Protein - 0.54g

Fat - 0.12g

Carbohydrate - 12.63g

Sugar - 9.26g

Calcium - 13mg

Iron - 0.28mg

Potassium - 115mg

Sodium - 1mg

Zinc - 0.1mg

Selenium - 0.1mcg

Vitamin C - 36.2mg

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How Many Calories In Pineapple