How To Root A Pineapple ?

How To Root A Pineapple ?

Rooting a pineapple means planting a pineapple plant. Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is grown in tropical parts of the world including South America.

Hawaii, India, Mauritius and all the exotic locations you can think of in the world. However, as interesting as it might seem, the pineapple tree has no seeds. It is grown out of the same branch that the fruit hangs on.Pineapple is actually a nut that grows like a fruit. One single tree can give out as many as five pineapples at the same time. Also, pineapples are not seasonal fruits and they grow throughout the year in tropical climates.

If someone says they have to root a pineapple, it means they are plating the head of the pineapple plant so that it can grow out roots. The little brown thorns that we often complain about that we find inside the pineapple slices are actually the roots of the plant. If you plant the fruit, then the little brown spots are fully capable of becoming whole plant by growing roots. That is what rooting a pineapple means.

The pineapple leaves at the top, however, need to be pruned a bit before planting it in. The pineapple tree needs to be rooted in a pot first. Once you notice new leaves coming out of the stem, which may take few weeks, then only you should considering transplanting it. Until then, you should stabilize it in the pot itself and let it grow at least two feet high as a plant.

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How To Root A Pineapple