How To Take Care Of A Pineapple Plant ?

How To Take Care Of A Pineapple Plant ?

Pineapple plants are easy to grow, and they are quite easy to maintain also. Cut out the upper leafy portion from the fruit when you want to plant a pineapple.

It is this leafy portion that is used to grow the pineapple plant. Plant the portion in six inches deep soil. If you want the roots to come out quickly, then put the cut out portion and keep it in water for some time before planting it.The pineapple plant is a no fuss plant and can actually grow in any type of soil. You need to, however, periodically put in organic fertilizers to get good quality fruits. The soil has to be well drained and the pH levels should be 4.5 at least. You can grow pineapple even in a small container. As long as the soil conditions are good and the plant is being watered, it will grow well. Also, the pineapple needs optimum sunlight to grow well. If it is winter and it is too cold outside, you will need to protect the plant from frost. Remember, in the end pineapple tree is a tropical plant.

The outside temperature should be at 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Pineapple tree is more prone to bugs than fungal diseases. Spray insecticides occasionally for optimal maintenance. On an everyday basis, you need not invest more time in watering the plant. While watering, also see that the soil drains well. Avoid over watering. When the plant is small it is not going to need much watering. So, judge the quantity of water based on the size of the plant and its needs.

A pineapple plant can grow up to four feet in height, and it can take about 9 months to bear a fruit.

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How To Take Care Of A Pineapple Plant