What Does The Pineapple Symbolize ?

What Does The Pineapple Symbolize ?

The pineapple is just not a fruit. In fact, it symbolizes several events in history. Giving a pineapple to someone has its own tradition and meaning.

Pineapple is considered as the princess of fruits. We see the symbol of pineapples on several things of day to day to use like kitchen towels, tiles and napkin holders and so many more things.A pineapple symbolizes hospitality, friendliness and warmth. When you gave the fruit to someone, it means that you are showing all these feeling to them. When you gift a pineapple to someone, it means that you want to promote friendliness and graciousness through it.

The symbolization of pineapple is not something new. It has been there around since the first travelers found the fruit. The fruit traveled to many parts of the world as a gift. Initially the pineapple was used to entertain the wealthy and was considered as an exotic fruit. This phase continued for a long time as people could not figure how to grow it. It used to adorn the tables of all the parties held by the rich and famous. Also, fresh pineapples were used as expensive desserts for guests and foreign dignitaries. Also, the pineapple could be decorated in several different ways and could be carved well also.

The pineapple fruit actually originated form Brazil and one of the first people to find it was Christopher Columbus. However, the symbol of pineapple carried itself through historic times, and exists as one of them even today.

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What Does The Pineapple Symbolize