What Kind Of Fruit Is A Pineapple ?

What Kind Of Fruit Is A Pineapple ?

A pineapple is a tropical fruit just like the banana. From a health point of view, it has several nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for maintaining good health.

Pineapple grows throughout the year. So, it is not a seasonal fruit. Scientists believe that pineapple is a type of berry.A pineapple is a bushy plant and grows in tropical climates. Pineapple is high in Vitamin C, and also has enzymes that are good for digestion. The enzymes present in the pineapple can break down food and enable the digestion to go on faster. The fruit also controls the appetite.

The core of pineapple is fleshy and yellow in color. The roots of the pineapple are contained within the fruit. The outer ridge of the fruit is extremely thorny and there are leaves on the top of the fruit. However, the pineapple in reality is not a fruit and it is a branch of the tree.

The bushy plant first flowers and these flowers start growing and bulging in the middle. The other end of the stem, away from the flower, becomes thorny leaves again. This is how typically a pineapple plant grows. It is a fast growing plant and can start giving out fruits within 18 months of planting it.

As you cut the fruit, it will re-grow that part, but this time it becomes smaller. If you cut at the same spot again, the fruit size will become further smaller. The plant cycle thinks of it is a grafting and pruning procedure. As you prune, the fruits get smaller and smaller.

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What Kind Of Fruit Is A Pineapple