Growing Pomegranate From Seeds

Growing Pomegranate From Seeds

Pomegranate is best grown by grafting a stem from the mother plant. It is also faster process. However, pomegranate plants can also be grown from the seeds. But, you should ensure that the seeds are of the best quality. Not all seeds produce the same quality as that of the mother plant, and some may even be poor specimens.


The pomegranate plant is a deciduous shrub and is considered to be the native of India. It flourishes in warm climates and in areas where it is sunny. One fruit can yield once cup of seeds. If you plan to cultivate pomegranate right from the seed, start growing them in a container by keeping it indoors first. Once the seed establishes itself you can move it outdoors.

To prepare the seeds, let them dry out completely. This could take a few days. The ideal time to dry out the seeds is in summers. Planting them without drying out will give birth to poor quality and some may not even germinate. Plant the seeds in a pot by giving half inch under the soil and give two inches space between two seeds. The usual potting soil is good enough for pomegranates. Add one part cactus soil to every three parts of potting soil for an ideal mix.

Once you plant the seeds, put the pots in the warmest and sunniest area of the house. The soil should be moist but not too wet. Pomegranate seeds take about two weeks to germinate. Any time after two weeks the seeds will sprout. Start thinning out the seedlings by taking out the ones that do not look healthy. You can also remove the shortest ones. Within two weeks of sprouting, the plant will grow rapidly and attain a height of few inches. The pomegranate plant should be grown indoors until it reaches two feet in height. After that they can be transplanted to the ground outdoors. However, keep in mind that you have to choose the right spot before transplanting. The area should be sunny and warm preferable. There should be plenty of air circulation.

If the plant is healthy, it will attain a height of around two feet within two months. After this period you have the option of transplanting the plant in a bigger pot and keep it indoors, or planting the tree directly into the soil in the garden. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, this plant needs a warm climate to prosper. If you decide to keep it indoors, then adjust the temperature of that area.

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