Growing Pomegranates Tips

Growing Pomegranates Tips

Eating pomegranates is extremely healthy because of all the nutrients present in the fruits. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants, which help to remove free radicals from the body. The fruit can be used in salads, cereals, fruit salad and juices. You can even use them to make Christmas decorations. Hence, it makes sense to grow pomegranates in your garden rather than purchasing them from your local grocery store. Also, growing these fruits is not at all difficult. Once you pick the fruits from the tree, you can refrigerate them for up to two months.


Selecting the right location in your garden is very important for a pomegranate tree, as it flourishes in full sunlight. While the tree can be grown in partial shade, it will not produce the amount of fruits that you are looking for. Do not worry about the elements, as pomegranate trees are pretty sturdy and can tolerate harsh climate, be it summer or winter.

The tree is not very particular about the soil, as it can tolerate acidic as well as alkaline soil. It will still find a way to absorb nutrients from the soil. However, it may help to feed the soil with a fertilizer at the time of plantation. In the initial 2 years, you should feed the soil with a balanced fertilizer twice a year, in March and then in November.

As pomegranate trees are drought resistant and can survive in dry and arid condition, they do not require so much watering. However, during the hot summer months, it is imperative that you water the tree regularly.

Before you know it, you tree will be producing flowers in summer that are shaped like tubes. You can be certain that it will attract a lot of nectar-feeding birds to your garden. It will certainly be a pleasure to wake up each morning hearing the chirping of these birds. Soon, the flowers will turn into the fruit. The color of the fruit will depend on the variety of pomegranate you have planted. On ripening, the fruits will be pink, green, white, purple or red. You will know that the fruits are ready for harvesting on tapping them gently with your fingertips. If you hear a metallic sound emanating from the fruits, they are just right for plucking.

Go ahead and enjoy the luscious pomegranates from your garden that you have taken the trouble to grow. The fruits will taste all the more sweet because of the hard work and efforts you put in to grow the pomegranates.

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