How To Choose Raspberry Fertilizer

How To Choose Raspberry Fertilizer ?

Raspberry plants are basically bushes that grow healthily when there is plenty of nitrogen, potassium and phosphor available in the soil. Soil conditions decrease in quality every year and that is why it is important to maintain them at a healthy level for a good crop. Apart from these minerals there are several other things that the raspberry plant requires to grow. The main factor is choosing the right site for its growth. Raspberry plant needs plenty of sunlight and a well drained soil which are primary for its growth.


The patch has to be prepared well in advance and for almost one year. The type of fertilizer that you choose depends on the soil conditions and its pH balance. A fertilizer bag will contain three basic parameters which should help you decide. They are nitrogen, phosphor and potassium. These three ingredients enrich the soil and maintain the overall health of the plant. A good quality fertilizer will contain all these three minerals in equal quantities. Usually a ratio of 10-10-10 is considered to be the best.

The other nutrients required will be present in smaller quantities. They will have a slightly higher concentration of iron and copper, along with zinc and sulfur. The raspberry plant needs very small amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals can be substituted by using lime cakes on the soil.

If you have planted the raspberry plants in a row, use granulated form of fertilizers. They are easy to handle and can be sprinkled across using your hand. Granulated fertilizers also release minerals consistently for longer periods of time. You can also use fertilizer sticks which are easy to place along the plant.

Raspberry fertilizers come in different sizes. Gardeners use about 1 pound of fertilizer for every 100 meters of crop size. If you are into container gardening, the best option is to use a fertilizer stick for the container. Use one stick for each container. However, the container should have a good drainage system. Many gardeners observe that container raspberries need more care than planting it directly into the ground. Raspberry needs water regularly and dry soil will kill the roots. The plants should have a good irrigation facility. At the same time, even soggy soil can kill the plant. Container sticks should be changed frequently. Every 8 weeks, you should plan on adding one stick to the plant. This way you can enjoy the crop better.

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