Raspberry Farming Tips

Raspberry Farming Tips

To get the best out of a raspberry plantation, you should choose the site very carefully. A raspberry plant favors full sunlight, and also grows the best in well drained soil conditions. The ideal soil is sandy loam, which has high amount of organic matter, and hence, provides adequate nutrients to the raspberries. It is better to plant raspberries in a higher area, because lower areas tend to get wet and soggy in rains and will remain that way in early spring. However, the raspberry plant is greedy for water. So, you should plant it strategically near a water source as well. During dry seasons raspberry plants demand a lot of water.


Raspberry does not get along with, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes. Most of these crops contain veriticillium, which attacks the roots of the raspberry plants. If it is infected, destroy all the plants that lie within a range of six hundred feet. A raspberry plant lives for a long time; and soil preparation often can take up to year. So, be patient.

Before you prepare the soil, make sure that you test the pH level of the soil.  The ideal pH condition for planting should be 5.6 to 6.2. If it is less, you can apply limestone to the soil to improve its condition. Any gardening store will sell pH kit. Alternatively, you can get the soil test by your local County Cooperative Extension office.

To cure weeds, increase the amount of organic matter present in the soil. You can also consider growing crops, such as millet, rye, buckwheat, or oats. However, make sure there is enough time for sowing two crops within the same season. If you want to use animal manure, you have to be wary about them containing unwanted seeds.

During spring season, spread twenty-five lbs of garden fertilizer for a 10 X 10 X 10 feet planting site. There are several kinds of organic fertilizers, such as compost, rock phosphate and Sulpomag, which are ideal for fertilizing raspberries.

Raspberry plants have longevity in terms of the roots and the crown which are perennial. The plant lives for 2 year. Every year during spring the plant produces canes that grow from the buds or the crowns. They grow slowly during the first year and then after winter, they produce fruits in summer. By fall, you will see several fruits on the plant.

Among the various types of raspberries, the red raspberries are considered to be the hardiest. There are other varieties, such as purple raspberry and black raspberry, which are equally delicious and require somewhat the same growing methods. In order to enjoy a healthy crop, ensure that you purchase your raspberry plants from a reputed nursery.

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