How To Plant Strawberry Plants ?

How To Plant Strawberry Plants ?

If you are a good gardener, then strawberry plant is very easy to grow. Otherwise be prepared to put in a lot of effort. It does grow easily when proper care and attention is given to the plant.

There are three types of strawberry plants that you can choose from. One is June bearing, one is ever bearing and one is day neutral. The ever bearing plant can be grown at any time of the year, and it will give berries throughout the year. The type of care you provide depends on the type of plant you grow.The strawberry needs complete sun to grow. It also needs a well drained soil patch, and the pH level should be at least 5.8. Strawberries need a separate patch by themselves, and cannot be mixed with any other type of flowering or fruit or vegetable plant.

Always plant the strawberries in spring, and when the soil conditions are dry enough. You need to prepare the soil before you plant them however. Also, if you are getting the plants from a nursery, then make sure they are disease free. Prepare the soil by mixing in one or two inches of fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer really well into the soil. Watch out for weeds and keep them from cropping up. Adding mulch as the top layer helps to maintain the soil and also prevent weeds. When planting, make the hole large enough so that the roots have place to spread out. Put the plant in, and make a sort of hill around the stem. Bury the plant so that soil is only half way up to the crown of the plant.

Make sure you water the plant after you plant it. However, after that, give the plant around one to two inches of water per week. When the plant is flowering, make sure you water it adequately.

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How To Plant Strawberry Plants