Why Is A Strawberry Called A Strawberry ?

Why Is A Strawberry Called A Strawberry ?

The etymology of strawberry is quite an interesting one. Several people wonder why the strawberry is named as strawberry as it shares no resemblance to the straws and has no connection to it either.

However, it is a gardener’s term and many people will not even think of that aspect.In America, when people started growing strawberries first, they realized the importance of mulching the plant for its safety. The gardeners started using straw that was easily available to mulch the soil on the strawberry patch. Soon it became a tradition to do that. Also, when the berries fell off the plant, the bright red color of the berries was easily visible on the dried straw. It was easier for gardeners to pick them up. That is why it is called a strawberry.

There is another story from the Anglo Saxon region. The name is derived from the word strew. Strew means to spread. The remaining part of the word was derived from bergen, which means berry. So, they called it strew bergen which means a berry that spreads. Actually the berry plant spreads. So, from strew bergen it became strewberrie and finally strawberry. The name might have probably meant that the fruit comes from various runners coming from the mother plant. The contradiction to this theory is that the Anglo Saxons never grew strawberries, and they would not have known of it. The strawberries are the natives of America, and that has been an established fact.

In either case, the former theory is more popular and also makes more sense at least for the North American countries.

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Why Is A Strawberry Called A Strawberry