How To Make A Watermelon Smoothie ?

How To Make A Watermelon Smoothie ?

Making watermelon smoothies will take less than five minutes. It is tasty to drink, and also it has great health benefits. It is power packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes for the body.

The high water content ensures that it is properly digested.In order to make a watermelon smoothie, first prepare the fruit. Cut the watermelon into slices. Scoop out the flesh and take out the seeds from it. See that the seeds do not remain in the slice or else they can spoil the taste of the smoothie for you. Make small pieces of the fruit and drop them into your blender. It is easier to check the smaller pieces for seeds and take them out. Do not squeeze pieces too much as the water will drip, and the nutrients will be lost.

Process the fruit in the blender until it reaches a smooth consistency. Add some ice to the blended fruit. Then process the blender again till you can hear the ice crushing. Do not beat the ice to water. The ice just has to become into small pieces.

Pour out the contents from the blender into chilled cocktail glasses and serve immediately. You can add some extra toppings to make the smoothie interesting. One topping to add is a lemon rind on edge of the glass. Eventually the taste of lemon will also get into the smoothie. Add some mint leaves on the top as mint has a high flavor. You can also add parsley or a scoop of whipped cream on the top to add some color.

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How To Make A Watermelon Smoothie