How To Pick A Sweet Watermelon ?

How To Pick A Sweet Watermelon ?

Having a sweet watermelon on a hot afternoon can be very refreshing, and it will get you back into action instantly. However, these words are not for effect because watermelon can really have that effect to your mind.

Watermelons are very delicious to eat and they mature throughout the summer. So, planting the watermelon seeds should be done right on time. This way the fruits will start to come out just in time to ripen in summer, and that is when you need them the most too.Watermelons are juicy and sweet only if you pick the right one. All watermelons in the patch do not grow in the same way. The survival of the fittest also applies here among fruits. If you are buying a watermelon from the store, there are some specific ways to judge so that you pick a sweet watermelon.

The shape of the watermelon is a good way to tell if it is a good one or not. A nice watermelon will be symmetrical from all sides. Watermelons are mostly round, more or less like a basketball. However, you have to pick a watermelon that is evenly rounded. Feel through the watermelon by running your fingers all over the fruit. A nice watermelon will not have any soft spots. The sweeter melons are always lighter colored. However, it becomes very difficult to judge after a certain point of time to judge the sweetness by the color. Nonetheless, do keep this in mind when selecting a watermelon. Also, when you hold the watermelon, feel how heavy it is. A juicy watermelon will be very heavy.

Look for a yellowish white spot on the bottom of the watermelon. It means that the fruit is ripe. If it is still green, then probably it is still not very ripe. Scratch the watermelon a bit and look for a greenish white color. Even this means that the fruit is ripe.

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How To Pick A Sweet Watermelon