How To Plant Watermelon ?

How To Plant Watermelon ?

Watermelons are huge fruits, and if you are planning to grow them, then make sure you have chosen a large area which is directly under the sun. These fruits grow best in a desert kind of environment.

Watermelons are very delicious to eat and they mature throughout the summer. So, planting the watermelon seeds should be done right on time. This way the fruits will start to come out just in time to ripen in summer, and that is when you need them the most too.Watermelons grow on vines, and these vines spread on the ground. If you do not live in a warm climate area, then you can plant them indoors and transplant the vines later to your garden when the weather becomes warm. However, if the weather is good, you can directly plant the seed outdoors. Put three seeds together at a time in a 2 inch deep hole in the garden.

The weather should be at a consistent 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Each set of seeds should be planted at least six feet apart. After you plant the seeds, put a layer of fertilizer and make sure that it is evenly spread. Also, do not dig out the seeds at this point.

Within a week you will see the plants sprouting out of the seeds. The vines start growing rather rapidly, and it could take up to 80 days for the fruits to come out and ripen. As the melons get bigger, keep a close watch on them while you water. See that they do not develop any black spots or mildew or other bacterial problems.

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How To Plant Watermelon